As a Philosopher


A Brief Introduction

It is rightly said that philosophers are not made; they are born. So is the case with Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Dixit, his deep connection with ritualistic practises of Sanatan Dharma made him a thinker. He expressed his unique philosophical understanding in religious and spiritual poems and hymns he wrote. His poems and hymns are persona of his thought process depicting his own intellectual understanding and interpretations of various mythological events of great Indian epics.


Published Books

Sita Ke Ram

सीता के राम (मूल्य : ₹ 100.00) / Sita Ke Ram (Price : ₹ 100.00)

World had witnessed that best poetic creations have always been spontaneous. It was moderately cold November evening, the moment was destined, emotions were high, waves of feelings were buoyant and when this all culminated and penned it gave birth to few rhythmic lines and by the time flow stopped lines took shape of a book eventually titled as “Sita Ke Ram”.

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Hindi Bhajans

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श्री गणेश भजन (Shree Ganesha Bhajan)
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श्री शिव भजन (Shree Shiva Bhajan)
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श्री नारायण भजन (Shree Narayana Bhajan Part1)
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श्री नारायण भजन (Shree Narayana Bhajan Part2)
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श्री नारायण भजन (Shree Narayana Bhajan Part3)
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श्री दुर्गा, लक्ष्मी, शारदा भजन (Shree Durga, Lakshmi, Sharda Bhajan)